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Not Your Typical Politician

Adam Haber isn’t your typical politician. He’s a successful businessman, a local school board member, a father, husband, and a concerned member of Nassau County. Adam recognizes that Albany is simply not doing enough for Long Island - our property taxes are some of the highest in the nation while corruption continues to run rampant and many of our schools remain underfunded.

Adam is ready to roll up his sleeves and fight for Nassau families.

Adam Haber: On the Issues

Nassau Taxpayers need Relief

Unreasonably high tax rates continue to burden Nassau families. That’s why Adam Haber adamantly supports tax relief measures like the Property Tax Cap, and will oppose any and all future tax increases.

Using the skills and knowledge he has gained in the private sector, Adam will tirelessly work to keep tax rates low, reduce waste and inefficiency in government, and keep our hard earned money in the pockets of Nassau taxpayers.

Ending an Era of Corruption

Between the scandals, special interests, backroom dealings, and kickbacks, it’s easy to see why New Yorkers are disgusted with Albany and with many politicians right here on Long Island. It’s time to say enough is enough, and that’s why Adam Haber is committed to putting an end to Albany’s culture of corruption. Adam is a firm supporter of ethics reform measures from forcing convicted politicians to give up their pensions to closing the LLC loophole that allows special interests to run rampant.

If elected, Adam will fight for government transparency, accountability, and the representation we deserve.

Improving our School System

For Adam Haber, the importance of education is clear. While serving as a member of the Roslyn school board, Adam turned a failing school system into a place where students are given the tools and resources they need to succeed. Adam is an outspoken advocate for reforming the Common Core, which has unfairly burdened schools, teachers, and students across the state.

If elected, Adam will continue working for the expansion of athletics, arts, and after-school programs, and the development of a public education system that provides our children all the necessary tools for success.

Preserving Our State

As an impassioned advocate for environmental protection and sustainability, Adam Haber is committed to protecting New York’s natural beauty and keeping the air we breathe and the water we drink safe for all.

From driving an electric car, to converting a school bus fleet to clean burning propane, Adam has been unwavering in his pursuit of policy that preserves New York’s environment, and keeps Long Island beautiful.

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